Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Time

It is June 2012. As I celebrate how long it has been since I've indulged in my vices (10 months), how recently I've traveled (this past weekend) and how motivated I am to be about 'Arts Managing' (NOW!) I take this moment to give great gratitude for how far I have come. I have come from the depths of despair and I have risen like the Phoenix. It is time for a NEW adventure. It is time to 'Release the Kracken' (or however you spell it.)
My friend said to me, 'If you're not working on your art, what are you doing?' Which was the straw that motivated me to get 'Kracken' (couldn't resist.)
So WATCH THIS SPACE - in just a few days I will begin to log the adventure of my journey back into the Performing Arts...And I will again share my Spirit and my Muse. I am learning - consistency.

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