Friday, June 15, 2012

No Coincidence

I mentioned once before that during one week at school I had a class in Journalism where we were studying a certain style of writing and the story we were reading was about a tribe, that, it turns out, we were also studying in my Earth Science class as an example of sustainable living and, coincidentally, a paper about this tribe was one of the options in my Philosophy class! My cousin tells me that ‘it’s all connected, if you can just see the connections.' In all of my adult life, it was the first time I had ever thought about it - the connections. 

And just as a series of diverse subjects can be addressing the same story from different angles; my life reflects an opportunity to look at every situation from a different perspective.  My aunt (who was the Mother of my wise cousin) said – there are three sides to every story, your version, my version and what really happened. I now like to call it ‘God’s version’ because it is the Truth of every situation and circumstance subject to interpretation.

How do I see this? How does GOD see this? And if I AM GOD, how do I reconcile the observer from the observation? Is God within and without at the same time? Since God is everywhere at once, what am I discovering/revealing in this situation where God is omnipresent? It’s crazy to me that I’m even writing these words because there is so much that I have never thought about or considered that I have just taken for granted, but now I know that I know. And what I don’t know I am learning, revealing, and discovering from without AND within. And I am open to the information and the knowledge that is revealing itself to me in this moment – and in this moment, and this moment…

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