Saturday, November 26, 2011

Almost a month later

I used to attend a church with a woman who was more than 60 pounds overweight, irritable and unhappy. In a YEAR she had a major transformation to a svelte, happy, easygoing, conscious and loving human being. I asked her the secret? She said that it was just about changing her consciousness.  For me, it is yet another 30 days of exercise and (mostly) vegetarianism and, again, my body resists. 

Rhonda Britten says, 'Letting go is having the courage to give up dreams that no longer serve you and to look around at reality.'

I realize that it is my ego that is resisting. It's not me. And I realize that my ego wants to 'go back' to the past. My dreams are often of what 'was', not what 'is.' Yes, it has been a month, but until just recently my intention was set on 'repeat' not 're-create.'

Today I look around and let go of the dreams that no longer serve me, and I begin anew. Let the Universe decide. Who Am I? I will no longer allow the faded pictures in my head dictate who I am today. 

Today is the first day of the best of my life. See it, Say it, Know it, Believe it.

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