Friday, October 28, 2011

Nothing so far

Went 21 days of vegan until I left for Texas. Ate lots of non-vegan food but only for one day. Exercised right up until I left for Texas. Lost no weight. What was my expectation? But I feel like my body may be changing shape. 

My therapist said that I had too many restrictions, too many 'boxes.' I know it's because I have had too many experiences with my various addictions. That seems to be my greatest fear - every time I think I have overcome one addiction, another one appears. Shopping, Sex, Alcohol, Gambling. Geez. What's next? 

Met a man and fell in love for 24 hours. That was fun.

Discovered a guy who wrote a book called 'The Cause Within You.' I might start teaching adults how to read. I might even consider teaching those same folks how to dance.

I'm going to L.A. in November. It seems imperative to me now. I have two places to visit. Agape and the Dream Center. Maybe my motivation is just around the corner...

Don't give up!

November 1st I begin my next round of spiritual exercises. Debbie Ford has a 21 day Consciousness Detox. That's what I'm doing next. Will continue to pursue vegetarian and vegan food options. Another 21 days. Watch what happens...

I am Divine Order Now Expressing.

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