Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ooh, Shiny!

This morning, Patricia Patton said, For the entrepreneurially inclined, this paragraph caught my eye this morning: "As entrepreneurs and creatives making new things happen in the world, we feel that we constantly need to know more in order to do more and prove our credibility...... Reading more blog posts, clicking on every article that catches your eye on social media, investing in countless courses, watching Periscopes until the cows come home, and downloading every free opt-on e-book every made doesn't actually get you any closer to your goals and it doesn't provide you with new skills."

Up until now, I could certainly agree with Patricia as she recounts that in being an entrepreneur and creative feels like we constantly need to know more than we do to prove our credibility. It ends up feeling like procrastination. However, in 2016, I am going to stop ‘chasing every shiny new thing’ and put much of what I’ve learned so far into practice.

By taking a moment to step back and reflect on all that I have learned so far, I see that much of the ‘new’ information is starting to sound ‘redundant.’ That makes me think that my next objective involves ‘action’ rather than ‘accumulation.’ 

If you recall, my word for 2016 is ‘consistency.’ I plan to put what I’ve learned to use on a daily basis, and when I can honestly say that I have committed to a purpose, project, or program ‘consistently’ for 30, 60 or even 90 days, only then will I evaluate it before taking a step in another direction.

Even the farmer knows it takes time for the corn to grow. Plant it, seed it, water it, weed it. The process is not overnight. If our lives are based on the steps we take toward actions, activities and opportunities, these things take time to come to fruition. Give it a minute.

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