Sunday, November 8, 2015

Me and the Universe

On Wednesday morning I went to the ‘How to Write a Business Plan’ class at a local facility that holds business classes for folks just getting started. People introduced themselves in the class. The woman sitting in front of me said her name was India Winner. She told the story about being a dancer and working on creating a performing arts center. When it was my turn, I first said, India, I know you, and then I introduced myself to the group. She turned to look at me quizzically, so I just smiled and waved in a gesture indicating that we’d talk after.

When the class was over, I said to India that our mutual friend Leila told me all about her. Turns out that Leila talks to India all about me as well! This was the first time we ever met in person. And then as we jogged down the rabbit hole of people and places, we discovered other friends and relationships that we had in common.

My cousin says, ‘When you are on the path, you are going to meet others on the path who also know who you know on the path!’

So India took a selfie and sent it to Leila (who screamed upon receipt of the photo, of course) and then sent back a text to India that I was the woman she was thinking about because I had a degree in Arts Administration. When I asked India what that meant, she told me the story of their goal to acquire a Dance Studio out near our local Community College and that they wanted to find an Executive Director. She had mentioned a different woman to Leila, but Leila had told her she had someone else in mind, and it turns out that it was ME!

That is how my day began. Afterward, I went to see my Internist, Dr. V. She has an office down the street from my Ob-gyn, Dr. J, who is more than my doctor; she is also my friend socially. So when I go to see my Internist, I park in Dr. J's parking lot and I always try to stick my head in Dr. J’s door as I go by. I rarely get to see her, though, or to even say hello because she is so busy. On this day, though, I really wanted to see her in person. However, discouraged from having tried unsuccessfully on several other occasions to see her, instead of sticking my head in her door, I just got in my car and drove away.

I decided to have lunch since I had another appointment with my Practitioner on this side of town and didn’t want to drive home in between. I called a couple friends but no one was answering their phone. I decided to just take myself to lunch. I stopped at a local Mediterranean eatery. I ordered my food, and just when it arrived I happened to look out of the window, and there was my Ob-gyn coming into the restaurant! I just stood up and opened my arms. She looked up when she entered and came rushing over to my embrace! We giggled and squealed and I told her that I had manifested her because I really wanted to see her. It turns out that she was coming in to have lunch with a few friends who were patiently awaiting her arrival. We hugged again. Then I went back to my lunch and she went on to her friends.

I still had a little more time so I made a quick stop to visit my friend who works at the library. I told her about my morning and how I had manifested my doctor. We laughed about how many times I have done that! Then we talked a bit about a project I am working on, and I mentioned a friend that owns a store on another side of town who wants to work with me as a sponsor. When I mentioned her store, my friend from the library said, ‘I know her, we’ve worked together before.’ I laughed and said ‘Of course you know her, that’s how my day is going!’ We chatted for a little while longer, and then I left.

I finally went to my appointment with my Practitioner. I told her about the woman that I had met that morning and manifesting my doctor at the Mediterranean eatery. As I was discussing the ‘magical’ day I was having, I also told her that I had just discovered another friend of mine was also a Practitioner, Diana Jones. It turns out that my Practitioner had sat on Diana’s confirmation panel!

I had one of those days because, for me, that’s how the Universe works.

*true story but not real names 

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