Thursday, July 26, 2012

All Good Gifts

Spent last weekend in San Jose, California at an event that I will forever remember as a milestone in my personal growth and development. I promised myself that if I ever had the money, I would participate in a Tony Robbins event - and I had the money, so I did. What this powerful weekend did for me was jettison me out of whatever was left of the comfort zones in my life and motivate me to reach for the stars! So many of my breakthroughs were from things in my life that I thought were over and done, but now, they really are!

For me, it was all about taking action! First, I celebrated the many successes that I have achieved in my life in this past year - the negative things that I gave up and all the blessings that came to pass. Second, I forgave myself for all the time and energy I spent giving my power away to all those things that were detrimental to my personal health, wealth, power and wisdom. And then, the realization that it's never too late to begin again came to me like the burst of a camera flash.  

So here I am, at the beginning. There are products to create, websites to develop and wisdom to share. There are relationships to cultivate that are long past due in my life - both friends and lovers. And there is much to pay forward for all the blessings that I realize have come to pass in my life.

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