Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've been taking classes at church for a while now and tonight is the last night of my most recent undertaking. It's interesting that this class was about the answer to the question of who and what we are in and of God. It is a measurement of how far we have come from our first Recognition to our final Realization that who and what we are IS God.
So I get a daily reading from Iyanla Vanzant and it's always timely. My cousin once said that if you pay close attention, you'll see that it is ALL related. And I found that to be true. One week, back in college, my Journalism class, my Anthropology class, and my Science class were all studying the same indigenous group of people for different reasons seeking different conclusions, but it was the very same group in every class! It was my 'Aha' moment.
Back to the subject, it is interesting to see the synchronicity in things, because the more you see it, the more it happens. One recent experience was that we were studying Unifying our relationship with our Higher Power and I was surfing the net, came upon a site for A Course in Miracles and the message for the day that I clicked on was "I am One self, united with the Creator." Duh!
And tonight, as our class ends, and we talk about what we've learned and how we've grown and what we know for sure, Iyanla's message today:
Today I am devoted to experiencing and expressing the powerful and peaceful presence of God in me!

Get it? Got it? Good...

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